Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proposal planner ?

  A proposal planner is a romance expert who helps you make the proposal of your partner’s dream comes into reality with the abundance of ideas, knowledges, and resources. 

A proposal planner can assist you from developing creative proposal ideas until the execution of plans on the D day, so you can relax and enjoy the moment with your fiancé-to-be without having to worry about complicated preparations and stuffs.  

Why should I hire one ?

  Because it is cheaper, faster, safer and grander than doing it on your own.  

With proposal planner’s expert suggestions, you can save time sorting out bad and good vendors. You can nullify the risks of vendor's scam, save money on the trials & errors and get discounted vendor rates. Proposal planner has complete amenities to execute the plan so your proposal will totally look grand. In overall, proposal planner will handle everything and minimize the chance of your proposal going out of plans.

Can I hire a wedding planner to plan my proposal?

Not recommended. A wedding planner is specialized in handling wedding reception/ceremony with fixed sequences and focuses on a large scale event. 

While proposal planner emphasizes on a private, intimate and personalized scenario with surprise elements that specially designed just for the two of you. Because each proposal is never the same, so proposal planners are experienced in running an event with non-repetitive pattern and know best how to make the atmosphere most romantic for your proposal.

Why should I hire LYNX?

With over 5 years of experiences, we handled hundreds of proposal from simple to most luxurious ones and all of our clients confirm their 100% satisfaction. 

A Singapore based company with local teams in 6 countries. We're loaded by the professionals whose background are from multiple countries and expertise, making us understand well how to serve our upscale international-class clienteles. When you choose LYNX, you know that we are taking care of your important moment with the utmost priority.

Where is your location?

Our company is registered in Singapore but we serve in many cities and countries. We also have dedicated team in each of these destinations:

Indonesia [Bali]  

Thailand [Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak, Phi Phi Islands]

Philippines [ Manila, El Nido, Boracay]


France [Paris]

Italy [Milan]

More destinations are opening soon

Am I in the hand of professional?

  Our team consists of members who are highly-qualified in event planning industry and we all are passionate about romance and surprises. 

We’re experienced in various types of proposal scenarios and we’re known for our quality. 

We work with professional conduct and ethics and we pride ourselves on never deliver anything less than perfection to our clients.

What if the city I plan to propose not in LYNX list?

  If the city you are planning to propose is in the same country where we operate, we can send our nearest team there with an additional transportation and accommodation cost.

The same rule applies if you would like us to arrange your proposal in the neighbor countries of our list.

However, if it is in different continent, we have DIY Package to help you out.

How long is the preparation ?

  Preferably, we need at least 1 month for the optimal preparation of your dream proposal, from brainstorming unique ideas, designing tailor made scenario choices, conducting site inspections, planning details, calculating risks and potential problems, doing researches for back-up plans, discussing ideas back and forth with our clients until they satisfy, and starting all the preparations of the selected scenario. 

However if you have an urgent proposal date, just contact us and we will find a way!

Do you provide photographer or cinematographer?

  Yes, we do! Our photographer and cinematographer team are trained to record the moment on an undercover mission.  They will secretly take photos/film the scenario from far distance like paparazzi without her knowing and will only reveal themselves when you are about to kneel down on one knee to get the clear shot of her surprising reaction. 

– This service is available upon request

How about payment?

  We accept payment via bank wired transfer to our company’s bank account in Singapore (OCBC) or credit cards and online payment via 

Kindly note that the payment transaction fees that may occurred from the third party are not inclusive in the package price.  

Will my investment be worth ?

  During a proposal, something unexpected might happens and ruins your romantic moment.  

Bad weather, vendor’s poor quality, disturbance from the crowds, etc. These are the factors that easily make your live event goes south.  With no one to react when something unexpected happens, what will happen to your most important moments in life? You surely do not want that to happened, right?  

So to answer your question, it is depends on how much you value your partner and the moment you spend together.

Refund policy

  • If LYNX cannot deliver the service due to company’s own failure, a 100% refund will be issued.
  • In case of cancellation by customer, refund can be granted after deducting all expenses.
  • In case of a natural disaster that makes the project impossible to be arranged as scheduled, customer can choose to postpone the date. (This is also subject to team’s availability)
  • If customer demand a destination change, it can only be done with at least 4 weeks time of notification to LYNX team.